Saturday, July 7, 2007

Leftover Blues

Yesterday we ate party leftovers for lunch and dinner. I can't even look at that stuff any more...

Because I felt that we had been eating too much beef recently (for sure), we went out to a seafood restaurant Thursday night. It was our first time at this restaurant which is quite popular, nestled in the heart of a seafaring town. The menu says that the fish is taken off the boats each day. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere and you can see sailboats pass as you wait for your dinner.

I had the grilled salmon, and DB had the citrus swordfish. The menu said the salmon would be topped with "herb butter," but I didn't detect any herbs. The fish was a bit bland, but it was okay. The butternut squash that it came with was delicious and probably loaded with butter. DB's swordfish was good, he proclaimed. The fish sat in a creamy citrus-y sauce. We will go back there and try something else next time.

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