Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Veggie Pasta - Simple Abundance Style

The book "Simple Abundance," by Sarah Ban Breathnach, is one that I find myself visiting quite often. It reminds me to be grateful for each day.

My favorite parts of the book are what she calls "Joyful Simplicities." She gives ideas about how to celebrate each month throughout the year, based on the weather, available foods, holidays, etc.

I was recently inspired by her July 10 entry titled "Kitchen Mysticism." Here she explains that through cooking, you mix food with love and emotion to create a sense of balance in your home.

Here's her recipe for this delicious Veggie Pasta. I used regular tomatoes and eggplants, and I didn't have any fresh oregano or yellow peppers, but it still came out excellent. The slow cooking brings out the sweetness of the vegetables.

"Slice red and yellow bell peppers, tiny eggplants, and zucchini into strips. Chop red onions, fresh basil, oregano, and Italian plum tomatoes. Saute slowly in good olive oil and minced garlic until the vegetables are soft. Take a sip of wine. Add penne pasta to boiling water for six minutes. Grate fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese...Call everyone to the table. Stop to give thanks. Offer a toast and a thanksgiving for good health, love, companionship, delicious food, and a moment of contentment. A day fully lived, simply abundant."

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