Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Boneless Chicken Routine and Knife Scare

Tonight we had lemon-pepper grilled chicken, but I must confess...The marinade came from a bottle! Gasp! I also made some basmati rice, steamed broccoli and a simple Romaine salad with balsamic vinaigrette. My kids even loved it. To quote my 11-year-old, "I'm a big fan of this chicken."

Boneless chicken was on sale this week in massive packages. As a wise kitchen gal, I came home and dealt with the chicken immediately. After cutting off the extra fat, I cut each breast into two pieces and pounded them a little so they would cook quickly on the grill. Knowing that I have even more of this pounded chicken in the freezer (safe in freezer bags) is quite exciting to me. They defrost quickly and cook quickly. All the work up front definitely pays off.

But get this! I almost lost my eye while I was cutting the chicken! It came as a shock when my serrated knife suddenly broke in half and flew up to my face. This knife is a good quality knife that I've had for about ten years. Let this be a warning to you! I won't tell you the name of the company until I give them a chance to respond. I was not injured but merely frightened to death. I may have some future knife phobias, however...
Update: The company, Henckels, advised me to send the knife to them, and they'd look at it. A new serrated knife arrived in the mail a short time later at no charge. However, a piece from the handle of the new knife has already broken off. It is now uncomfortable to use. I'll buy myself some new knives when I can. (Probably not Henckels, however.)

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